Established in the year 2006


The company is involved in various aviation activi-ties including corporate and political flying. DAPL also undertakes government projects that involve flying high positioned dignitaries of state and central government. Other processes carried out by the company involve medical evacuation activities and crop spraying. Helicopter joy rides and helicopters for charter are also available for the clients of DAPL.

The strength of DAPL lies in its team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Each employ-ee of the company works towards providing compe-tent services and complete satisfaction for each cli-ent. Working with strong professional and ethical values, each member of DAPL provides unwavering support and uncompromising quality in each of the services.

The mission of the company is to attain new levels of success and be one of the leading aviation service providers globally and to be a sought after name for all non-scheduled aviation solutions.

The DAPL vision is to achieve the goals with unwavering professionalism and providing ultimate satisfaction for the customers in each endeavour.

Helicopter Aviation Solutions

  • Bulk Charter
  • Aerial Survey
  • Aerial Filming
  • Disaster Relief
  • Supply Droppings
  • Political Flying
  • Corporate Flying
  • Joy Rides
  • Maintenance
  • Aviation Consultancy
Bulk Charters
Dhillon Aviation offers programs that can be tailored as per client's specific travel requirements. These programs allow clients to purchase a pre-determined amount of hours on our private aircraft at a substantial sav-ings.
Disaster Relief
Dhillon provides timely and efficient movement for disaster relief by providing medical evacuation services and services such as flood rescues, food droppings , supply droppings to the disaster struck and sensitive areas
Aerial Survey
Dhillon has been providing aerial pho-tography & surveys solutions for over years. Aerial photography is per-formed with our planes in which com-pany-owned advanced and sophisti-cated cameras are installed.
Dhillon Aviation has its own CAR 145 approved Mainte-nance organisation.